What is Astutex now?

Astutex is a collection of indicators that tracks multiple sources of real-time information in order to get insights into company brand popularity or business trends in order to use this data in improving investment decisions

What is Astutex in the future?

We want to create a full-fledged data platform with machine learning capabilities to predict the stock prices based on our proprietary data algorithms and pricing models.

Where do we get the data?

The data is scraped by robots from multiple websites that could be accessed easily by general public – search engines, social media platforms, online retailers etc.

How often do we update the data?

Most of the datasets are updated on a weekly basis – on Monday, except of aggregated search data which is updated monthly.

Can you make decisions solely based on this data?

We recommend that you use the data presented on this website only as an additional source of information and perform reasonable diligence into the companies you are willing to invest in. We bear no responsibility for any of your decisions.

What might go wrong?

Let’s look at the following example - Google Trends. It might seem that Prada is enjoying significant momentum, but if you switch to Youtube Search view you will realize that the spike is attributed to the video clip of Indian artist Jass Manak called ‘Prada’ that has 126 million views at this point. That is why you should always double check the data where possible.

What else might go wrong?

Another example is Husqvarna whose stock price dived on 17 of July 2018 after quarterly earnings release. While Husqvarna and Gardena divisions (brands that we track) have done exceptionally well and Astutex rating was high, Consumer Brands segment produced a loss and have taken more time for company to divest. That is why you should always take a much deeper look into what’s happening with the company you plan to invest in.

What is the section ‘Top ideas’ for?

Top ideas section is comprised of the companies enjoying the best aggregated search momentum with Medium/High relevance of back-testing results and have positive momentum in Social Media and Website traffic. It is meant to serve you as basic idea generation tool which functionality we will expand in the future.

What is NLP and how do we use it?

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing and is a technique to convert text into indicator to express the sentiment of the text. We use Loughran/McDonald dictionary to analyze Earnings Calls of the companies in order to identify the patterns in company business trends. We think this is the only credible source to analyze with NLP as there are both sides involved – management and analysts – which is also proven by our proprietary research.